Joyful Signing  - Sign Language Interpreting
Interpreting services can be provided for the following settings:
Private Companies
Performing Arts
Community Events
And so much more.......
All assignments are based upon a two hour minimum. If a job is scheduled for longer than two hours or is very technical an additional interpreter will be provided for additional cost. Joi screens all interpreters that she contracts with and a certified or qualified interpreter will be provided. All  assignments two hours or less  will be interpreted by Joi Bannister, unless otherwise noted before the assignment. Jobs canceled within or less than 48 hour notice will still be billed to the company.
Please contact for Rates.
Performing Arts assignments are based on negotiated prices and not by the hour. Joyful Signing works in conjunction with Spotlight Interpreting Services. Please contact Joi Bannister for more details.
Government and Cleared assignments are at a separate rate. Please contact Joi Bannister for more details.
Jobs within a 10 mile radius from Columbia, MD 21045 do not pay for mileage. All jobs outside of a 10 mile radius of Columbia, MD 21045 will be charged mileage at  $0.585 per mile. Parking and tolls are included with the fee.
Date Services Needed
Assignment Start Time
Assignment End Time
Assignment Address
Type of Assignment Settings
Consumer Name
Preferred Language
Any additional information related to the assignment
Onsite Point of Contact Name
Onsite Point of Contact Phone Number
*Please note- completion of this form does not guarantee services. All assignment will be confirmed with availability. When an assignment has been accepted a confirmation will be sent.
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